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A Message from the Chair

Muayad Jajo

English, as you may well know, started way back in the early Middle Ages as a local Germanic dialect in English, and within the course of six hundred years became an international language. It didn’t stop developing at that stage, for it continued to grow and flourish and has now become “the” global language, reaching a status of richness and popularity that no language has reached before. It is now the official language of almost 60 sovereign states. It is the most widely learned second language in the world as well. It is the official language of the United Nations, the European Union and many other world organizations. It is likewise recognized as the language of academics and professionals. To master it is therefore to master the most powerful, the most popular, the most effective and the most widely acknowledged tool for communication on earth. To major in it is to gain access to a vista of job opportunities.

We should never underestimate the importance of communication in our lives, for miscommunication can spell disaster for mankind and in turn put our planet on the line. And what is language? It is the most effective, most sophisticated and highest form of verbal communication. Let it never slip our thoughts that the same word that could launch a world war can also stop it. Many wars, disputes and feuds could be triggered or terminated with a string of lexical items.

Owing to this vital role English plays in our world, selecting students who would master it is and should indeed be like going cherry picking, for only the best could serve the rest.

The Department of English offers to teach this tool to its students, who will master the art of communication and persuasion through English. They will investigate every niche of the language, examine all its aspects, try all its capabilities, apply its principles, use it to advantage and have fun while doing all this.

Dr. Muayad Jajo

(Ph.D., M.A., & B.A. in English Language and Literature)
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Dr. Muayad Jajo
Chairman of the Department of English
Department of English,
College of Languages,
Komar University of Science and Technology,
Sarchanar, Chaq Chaq - Qularaisi, Sulaymaniyah,
Kurdistan Region, Iraq.