The New Oxford Picture Dictionary

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Publication Information:
Title: The New Oxford Picture Dictionary
Author: E. C. Parnwell
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Place of Publication: New York
Date of Publication: 1988

Though The Oxford Picture Dictionary has seen several editions since this, some sections in this edition are indispensable such as “School Verbs” and “Restaurant Verbs”. Other sections are still there in later editions like “Family” and “Sports”. The lexical items in this dictionary are categorized topic-wise. It is a full-color edition and on every page you find pictures related to a topic or place (as occupations or school) and the words used to refer to them. This old edition’s advantage over later ones is the way the words are separated from the illustrations, so school teachers can just cover the words with a blank sheet of paper and ask their students what the illustrated items are called in English.