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A “lipogram” is a piece of writing composed without using a particular letter of the alphabet. Let us say you want to write a short story without using the letter “z”. Your story would then be called a lipogram. Writers compose lipograms for fun or as a verbal challenge.

Vincent’s Gadsby, published in 1939, was a considerable challenge, since the letter the author decided to leave out is “e”, which is in fact the most common letter in the English language. Without using this letter at all, the author managed to write a fifty-thousand-word novel.

The novel tells the story of a young man named John Gadsby, who brings prosperity and success to the desperate and war-disillusioned people of his hometown.

The author stated that he had to tie down the “e” key on his typewriter in order to make sure he would not use it while typing.

Publication Information:
Title: Gadsby
Author: Ernest Vincent Wright
Genre: Novel
Publisher: Wetzel Publishing Co.
Place of Publication: Los Angeles
Date of Publication: 1939

Vincent Wright (1872-1939)

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