Department of English


The Department of English provides academic services, including lectures, seminars, workshops and academic assistance to its students.  It also provides opportunities for its faculty and students to engage in research.  The department also aspires to launch post-graduate study programs in the future.


The mission of the Department is to provide its students with the learning outcomes specified by the study program of the Department and the University.

Our Story


The objectives of the Department are to provide its students with the skills required to master the English language and communicate effectively in English.  The four major skills covered in depth are reading, writing, listening and speaking.  Graduates from the Department would be able to receive and produce a diverse range of discourse including academic as well as professional texts in English within an analytical, critical and logical frame of mind.
Other skills which the Department aims at providing the students with include translation, research writing, communication in a foreign language other than English and fundamental teaching skills.  The Department also aims at acquainting its students to some extent with the culture, tradition, history as well as social and ethical values of the English-speaking world.  These objectives also generally fall within the overall goals of any academic institution of promoting literacy.